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Gear One Elite 3-Bolt Kit – Unmatched Performance for Your Sand Car:

Embark on a new era of off-road excellence with the Gear One Elite 3-Bolt Kit, a revolutionary solution meticulously crafted for sand car enthusiasts. Designed to replace competitor kits with problematic automotive-style unit bearings, this kit introduces serviceable Timken taper rollers for unparalleled reliability.

Key Features:

  • Anodized Black 6061 Hub and Cap: Immerse yourself in the sleek aesthetics and robust durability of the anodized black 6061 aluminum hub and cap. These components, carefully engineered, promise longevity without compromising on style.

  • Cryo Treated Slotted Rotor with Black 4 Piston Caliper and EBC Brake Pads: Elevate your braking experience with the cryo-treated slotted rotor, paired with a black 4-piston caliper and EBC brake pads. Unleash powerful and precise stopping capabilities, whether navigating dunes or conquering desert trails.

  • Premium Timken Taper Wheel Bearings: Redefining reliability, this kit incorporates premium Timken taper wheel bearings. Offering re-greaseable functionality, these bearings ensure easy maintenance and robust performance under extreme off-road conditions.

  • Premium Seals: Safeguard your components against the harshest elements with premium seals. The sealing system enhances durability, protecting vital parts and contributing to a longer lifespan for your sand car.

  • HD 21 Spline Stub Axle with Precision-Machined Stub Axle Nut: Embrace the strength and resilience of the heavy-duty 21 spline stub axle. The precision-machined stub axle nut ensures a secure fit, reinforcing the overall ruggedness of your sand car's drivetrain.

  • Steel Bolt-In Bearing Carrier and Steel Splined Center: Bolster structural integrity with the steel bolt-in bearing carrier and steel splined center. These components are built to withstand the demands of off-road adventures, ensuring a reliable and durable performance.

  • Gear One 300M Race Studs: Introducing Gear One 300M race studs, a testament to the kit's commitment to high-performance standards. These studs guarantee a secure connection for your wheels, essential for navigating challenging terrains.

Designed and proudly manufactured in the USA, the Gear One Elite 3-Bolt Kit stands as a symbol of innovation and reliability. Trusted by industry leaders, this kit is poised to redefine your sand car experience. Elevate your ride – precision, durability, and performance reimagined.