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Gear One Super 934 CV: featuring the cutting-edge Gear One Super Cage. Engineered to redefine precision and durability, this CV joint stands as a testament to Gear One's unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier off-road solutions.

Precision Machined CV Body for Centerboard Hubs: Tailored specifically for Centerboard Hubs, the Gear One Super CV boasts a precision-machined CV body to ensure a perfect fit and optimal performance.

1/2" CV Bolt Holes: Designed with attention to detail, the Gear One Super CV features 1/2" CV bolt holes, this thoughtful design element ensures secure mounting, contributing to the overall robustness of the CV joint.

Race Prepped for Extreme Application: Race prepped for extreme applications, from intense desert races to sand dune escapades, this CV joint is ready to withstand extreme angle and load.

Deep Cryogenic Treatment: Gear One takes the lead as the only industry player to offer Cryo One Deep Cryogenic Treatment as a standard feature for CV joints. This groundbreaking process enhances the molecular structure of the metal, delivering heightened strength, wear resistance, and extended longevity.

REM Super Finish – Industry Pioneer: Gear One introduces the Cryo One REM Super Finish to the Gear One Super CV, marking an industry first in CV joint refinement. Often imitated but never replicated, this advanced finishing process optimizes surface smoothness, reducing friction and wear to elevate performance and lifespan.

Refined in the USA – Trusted by Industry Leaders: Crafted with precision in Germany, perfected with expert craftsmanship in the USA the Gearone Super CV is trusted by industry leaders!