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Gear One Elite 930 Centerboard Hubs – Elevating Sand Car Performance to Elite Levels:

Gear One proudly presents the Elite 930 Centerboard Hubs, meticulously engineered for sand car enthusiasts seeking the pinnacle of performance. Unleash the power of precision with these elite hubs designed to conquer the challenging terrains of the sand dunes.

Key Features:

      • Anodized Black 6061 Hub and Cap: The hubs boast an anodized black 6061 aluminum alloy hub and cap, striking a perfect balance between durability and aesthetics. This high-strength construction ensures your sand car stands out while withstanding the rigorous demands of off-road adventures.

      • Precision Machined Steel Boot Flanges: Featuring precision-machined steel boot flanges, these hubs reinforce the critical connection between the CV joint and the axle. The meticulous machining guarantees a secure fit, enhancing the overall durability of the hub assembly.

      • Precision Machined Steel Bearing Carriers: Engineered with precision-machined steel bearing carriers, the hubs provide a stable foundation for the wheel assembly. This precision ensures reliable performance, even when pushing the limits in the sandy expanse of the dunes.

      • Cryo Treated 12.25" Slotted Rotor: Dominate the dunes with a cryo-treated 12.25" slotted rotor, pushing the boundaries of braking performance. The cryogenic treatment enhances the rotor's durability, ensuring consistent and reliable stopping power in the challenging sand car environment.

      • 4 or 6 Piston Caliper: Tailor your sand car's braking performance with the option of a 4 or 6 piston caliper. This flexibility allows you to customize your setup based on your specific off-road requirements, providing the ultimate control on your desert escapades.

      • Premium Timken Wheel Bearings: Equipped with premium Timken Wheel Bearings, celebrated for their quality and precision. These bearings guarantee smooth and reliable rotation, essential for maintaining optimal performance in the sandy and demanding terrain.

      • Gear One Super CV and Gear One Leather CV Seal: The hubs feature the Gear One Super CV, renowned for its durability and resilience in high-performance off-road scenarios. Accompanied by the Gear One Leather CV Seal, this combination ensures top-tier performance, even in the harshest conditions.

      • Premium Seals: The hubs are equipped with premium seals, providing a robust shield against sand and contaminants. This sealing system ensures the longevity and reliability of the wheel bearings and CV joints in the challenging sand car environment.

      • Gear One 300M Race Studs and ARP Mounting Hardware: These hubs come complete with Gear One 300M Race Studs for superior strength and ARP Mounting Hardware for a secure and reliable attachment. These components further enhance the durability and performance of the Elite 930 Centerboard Hubs.

      • Made in USA – Trusted by Industry Leaders: Proudly manufactured in the USA, these hubs are trusted by industry leaders for their quality, performance, and reliability. Gear One's commitment to excellence is evident in every component, making these hubs the go-to choice for elite sand car enthusiasts.

In conclusion, Gear One Elite 930 Centerboard Hubs redefine the standards for elite sand car performance. With precision features, top-tier components, and the trusted Gear One legacy, these hubs are the epitome of off-road excellence. Trust Gear One – where elite precision meets the dunes.