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Gear One Elite King Kong Brake Kit – Unleash Dominating Braking Performance:

Elevate your sand car's braking capabilities to unprecedented levels with the Gear One Elite King Kong Brake Kit. This high-performance kit, meticulously designed for sand car use, combines lightweight construction with cutting-edge components to deliver an unmatched braking experience.

Key Features:

  • Anodized Black Lightweight 6061 Hub and Cap: The King Kong Brake Kit features an anodized black, lightweight 6061 hub and cap, ensuring durability without compromising on weight. This design provides superior strength while maintaining optimal performance, essential for the demands of off-road environments.

  • Cryo Treated Slotted Rotor with 2 or 4 Piston Caliper and EBC Brake Pads: Experience next-level stopping power with the slotted rotor, paired with a 2 or 4 piston caliper and EBC brake pads. This combination delivers precise, consistent braking performance, giving you confidence in challenging terrains.

  • Timken Taper Roller Bearings and Seals: Gear One's commitment to quality is reflected in the inclusion of Timken taper roller bearings and seals. These premium components enhance the longevity and reliability of your braking system, ensuring it withstands the rigors of off-road adventures.

  • Weld On or Bolt On Caliper Bracket: Tailor the installation to your preferences with the option of a weld-on or bolt-on caliper bracket. This versatility allows for customization while maintaining the structural integrity required for high-performance braking.

  • Gear One 300M Race Studs: Featuring Gear One 300M Race Studs for superior strength and durability. These race studs contribute to the overall performance and resilience of the Elite KING KONG Hubs.

Crafted with precision in the USA, the Gear One Elite King Kong Brake Kit is trusted by industry leaders who demand superior performance from their sand cars. Redefine your off-road experience with Gear One – where innovation meets excellence in every brake.