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Gear One Elite Pro Front 2" Hollow Hubs – Setting the Standard for Elite Sand Car Performance:

Gear One proudly presents the Elite Pro Front 2" Hollow Hubs, a testament to precision engineering and top-tier performance in the world of sand car enthusiasts. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and designed for elite-level performance, these hubs redefine off-road excellence, delivering lightweight construction, exceptional braking capabilities, and unwavering reliability.

Key Features:

  • Anodized Black 6061 Hub and Cap: The hubs and caps boast an anodized black 6061 aluminum alloy construction, not only providing a sleek and stylish appearance but also offering a lightweight yet robust foundation for sand car applications. The high-strength material ensures agility and resilience, meeting the demands of off-road adventures with ease.

  • Cryo Treated Slotted or Vented Rotor: Choose between a cryo-treated slotted or vented rotor to elevate your sand car's braking performance. The cryogenic treatment enhances rotor durability, ensuring consistent and reliable stopping power in the challenging sand dune environment.

  • 4 Piston Caliper with EBC Brake Pads: Experience precision braking control with the 4 piston caliper, complemented by EBC Brake Pads. This combination delivers elite-level stopping power, allowing sand car enthusiasts to navigate through the dunes with confidence and responsiveness.

  • Premium Timken Wheel Bearings: Equipped with premium Timken Wheel Bearings, renowned for their quality and precision. These bearings ensure smooth and reliable rotation, contributing to the overall durability and longevity of the hub assembly.

  • Weld-On Caliper Bracket: The weld-on caliper bracket ensures a secure attachment for the caliper, providing stability during high-performance off-road maneuvers. This design feature enhances the overall reliability and durability of the hub assembly.

  • Premium Seals: The hubs are equipped with premium seals, creating a robust barrier against sand and contaminants. This sealing system enhances the longevity and reliability of wheel bearings, ensuring optimal performance in the challenging sand car environment.

  • Gear One 300M Race Studs: Featuring Gear One 300M Race Studs for superior strength and durability. These race studs contribute to the overall performance and resilience of the Elite Pro Front Hubs.

  • Made in USA – Trusted by Industry Leaders: Proudly manufactured in the USA, these hubs are trusted by industry leaders for their exceptional quality, precision, and reliability. Gear One's commitment to excellence is evident in every component, making these hubs the preferred choice for sand car enthusiasts who demand elite-level performance.

In conclusion, Gear One Elite Pro Front 2" Hollow Hubs set the bar for precision, reliability, and elite-level performance in sand car applications. Trust Gear One – where elite precision meets the dunes.